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77 definitions by Seth

A homosexual alcoholic killing machine born to convert all food to pulp and all Seths to oblivion!
gettin shiggy with it

big shiggy style's all in it
by Seth May 31, 2004
The gay male confidant of the fagstag.
The male version of a hagfag.
A straight male with a gay confidant.
John and Pete are so close it's sometimes hard to recall John's just a stagfag.
by Seth March 04, 2004
1. The practice of piling unwanted work on a colleague to keep them from advancing within the company.

2. A vulgarity roughly the same as "shit""
1. Tim was going to make manager before Christmas...unless I started seriously craphonking him.

2. What is this craphonking pile of work in my inbox?
by Seth March 02, 2004
Amount of cocaine rock
gimme a two oh
by seth November 17, 2003
a male being possessing asshole qualities.
seth paul is a schwangka!
by Seth November 10, 2003
An exclamation of any type of feeling, or used to describe things that have been burned.
That guy just bernt rubber. OR Bernt!
by Seth October 29, 2003
Coledest tasting beer in the universe, official sponser of superbowl 39 and the NFL...Haters can eat a fat one, all you micro brew faggots smoke swag.
micro brewery's are for trendy metro sexuals.
by Seth December 02, 2004