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1> Term of endearment, such as "bro", "homey", "nigga" or "cunty".

2> Used to describe an ex-gurlfriend or a chickenhead.
That cuntwaffle can eat a dick!
by Seth January 14, 2005
One of the original internet gurus.
I didn't know how to reset the password, so I called Suds and he had it fixed in three minutes flat over the phone. Last time I call tech support!
by Seth June 05, 2003
A young girl who dresses and acts provocatively in order to arouse older men.
Jenny smiled and wiggled her hips seductively, positive Angela's father would get hard seeing her dressed this way. A perfect starfucker smiled and wiggled back at her from the mirror.
by Seth February 25, 2005
AKA Tony Hawk greatest skater EVER. He performed the first ever 900 in an X-Games event. He is the original birdman not that rapper.
The birdman just pulled the 900
by Seth December 29, 2003
Sex position used usually on your mother
John had your grandma and sister in a dutch door tornado.
by Seth July 11, 2003
cor is short for coricidin or triple c's, an otc drug gaining popularity.
i'm tripping really hard on core tonight.
by seth October 09, 2004
whut he sed only we aint losers and we aint different from anybody else. we down wit the clown fo' life
juggalos are always underestimated.
by seth January 26, 2005

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