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n. the act of one masturbating with his or her hand in his or her's pocket where the pocket acts as a glove
The guy sitting in front of me was giving himself an intesne hot pocket in math today!
by SASQUATCH April 09, 2012
Full of JAP's, stoners, rich people, AND poor people. What a combination! You are either in a band or rich or a stoner. It consists of an unnecessary amount of resturants and banks.
Also known as Weedham...
by Sasquatch March 19, 2005
Your local trailer park ho. Derived from whore and hillbilly. Commonly seen on Jerry Springer.
person a: Look at that thing on tv. Someone should tell her to put some clothes on and tuck the gut.
Person B: GOSH , what a hobilly.
by sasquatch April 03, 2005
when you ejaculate around a girls pussy let it dry and then eat her out.
That was one tasty crusty taco i gave to megan last night!
by Sasquatch September 27, 2004
to get super high- usually on marijuana
"Did you guys smoke up?"
"Man- I'm fuckin' roofed"
by Sasquatch June 12, 2003
baskettball term: when u hit a shot when someones right in front of u
*hits the shot* "In yo face"
by Sasquatch March 18, 2005
The act of being very high- usually on marijuana.
"Hey- what do you think of this shit?"
"Man- I'm absolutely goofed."
by Sasquatch June 30, 2003
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