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Your local trailer park ho. Derived from whore and hillbilly. Commonly seen on Jerry Springer.
person a: Look at that thing on tv. Someone should tell her to put some clothes on and tuck the gut.
Person B: GOSH , what a hobilly.
by sasquatch April 03, 2005
a redneck whore, usually whorish with relatives
Jessica Simpson is a total ho-billy.
by Tara Dawg January 15, 2007
1. A Hobo in Hill Billy country.

2. A Hill Billy that is also a Hobo.
Tye: Ey Zane, Look at that Hobilly sitting all the way over there.

Zane: Thats not a Hobilly, it's just that faggot Ritchie!

Ritchie: Hey fellas! : D
by ZaneyBoi May 04, 2008
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