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Using skype to communicate via voice, text message, file transfer and link exchange simultaneously.
We've been skyping for three hours, trading mp3s and googling for images of pygmy goats while talking about 80s music.
by saska August 15, 2005
(v). To Skype. The act of ejaculating (see ejaculate), usually in the fashion of ejaculating on to another person.
I was skyping all over this chick last night!!
I'm skyping you!
Skyping is awesome
by Skyper1000 May 29, 2012
1. (n) the act of having sex using Skype

This term allows today's youth to explain modern methods of long distance sex to clueless old people.
D: You might get lucky and she'll have phone sex with you.
C: We got webcams now old timer. I'll be Skyping with her later tonight.
by Locker420 January 22, 2011
A word that can be used to say someone has done something good, bad or otherwise.
Oh, Skyping Harry!! Why did you do that.
Skyping Josh, that was awesome.
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
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