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45 definitions by OSCAR

cuban slang for a person that is a total jackass...
that guy is a sapingo..ese comierda es tremendo sapingo
by oscar February 05, 2004
mexican baller who knos he da bomb!
"man im oscar"
by oscar September 27, 2003
The arsehole, anus
James asked Harry, "do you take it up the shitter?"
by oscar February 14, 2004
the bit of skin between the ass and balls
i made her lick my perennium before i came in her eye
by Oscar February 20, 2003
An acronym for Blow it out your ass
Annoying ass bitch on my Dick: You're an assshole, Oscar, try being happy
Oscar:BIOYA, you fuckin' dickhead
by Oscar November 27, 2004
Sick shoes put out by Reebok that are very comfortable and stylish even when they're too big for you.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And NOw I have to add eextra words to this def
by Oscar January 08, 2005
Great Name, had by mant people
The Grouch, De LA Hoya, amongst many
by Oscar September 17, 2004