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Shitty rapper from ATL who follows the lead of lil john with shitty Crunk songs. Self-Proclaimed ''Prince of Crunk''(Not that anyone's vying for that position). ''Has you don't want no problems'' A shitty song in which he dresses like a homo in the video(sleaveless leather shirt). Probably the worst southern rapper since Bone Crusher.
2. Synonym for terrible dierreha and vomit
Good Rapper-
Word Play-
Good videos+
Dog shit=
Lil Scrappy
2.Oscar: Oh, MAn I had the worst Lil Scrappy of my life!!!!!!!!
Carlos: OH NO I HOPE IT'S NOT CONTAGIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Oscar October 15, 2004
noting stuck up wanna be white girl that lives in rockwall texas and gose to cain middle school
"oh my gosh look at that santina girl"
by oscar October 19, 2003
All you monkeys can do your acis and weed and coke in your pipe and shove it up your asses cause it will ruine your life like it did mine
"Git er done"
Dawg: come on lets smoke some good shit.

Oscar: That shit is dumb and if u make me do it i will kick all ur asses because that shit is just dumb
"Git er Done"
by Oscar December 21, 2004
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