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45 definitions by OSCAR

cuban slang ..to be ballsy...to have big balls..crazy willing to do anything
yo soy tremendo cojonu...
by oscar February 06, 2004
Grown MAn Music Clique of Stat Quo, an up-and-coming Atlanta Native. As heard on Young Buck's ''Walk with Me''
GMM's My Muthafuckin Squad, Nigga
They Be Cuttin' Them Mo' Fuckin Checks Now,
I Ride Big Nigga, I Got My Thang Danglin Nigga
And I Gotta Big Thang Out My Balls, Ya Understand Me
Dre And Em'll Feel Ya Man, They Gotta Love Niggas
Let It Be Known That Oscar Defined GMM Music Before Anyone
by Oscar December 03, 2004
A blunt force to the vaginal area causing much discomfort.
Lauren nailed Amanda with t a huge twat shot
by Oscar March 13, 2005
a large number not commonly used by vergitarian squaredancers
'I like, never use 110997 in a sentence, do you?'
'no, why would I say 110997?'
'aah, your a vegitarian squaredancer I just know it'
by oscar February 16, 2005
Homestar-esque slang for toilet.
The King of Town is on the toilet:
The King of Town is at the poopsmithy

I need to visit the little boy's room:
I need to get my tushy mended at the poopsmithy
by Oscar January 11, 2005
Sausage-like or pertaining to sausages
This cucumber is very sausiguous!
by Oscar November 22, 2004
A female who is very sexually appealing. On a scale of one to ten she would have to be a 12 in order to be a siad.
Amanda is so fine, she is definately a siad!
by Oscar March 13, 2005