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A large Mexican/Samoan/Filipino who drinks a lot, passes out and loses his cell phone.
Damn Pie Grande! Eating fried chicken off the street and shit!!!
by Oscar April 18, 2005
The sharp, stinging ache that occurs in the penis after either a long, furious wank, or a series of many short quick wanks.
Feels as though the penis is changing shape- hence the term 'Toblerone'
"Man, i beat off so much last night i got a Toblerone!"
by Oscar September 02, 2004
Stupid ass cartoon dog who teaches kids they need no moral ethics by selling out in every fuckin' appearance he'll ever make in his sad life. If you listen to him speaks it's crystal clear he has an alhchol problem.
Shaggy:Scooby wanna go get the Ghost?
Scobby:Ruurr roor rappy
Shaggy:How 'bout for a Scooby Snack?
Scooby:rror rur rappy
Shaggy:How 'bout for-(stops short) Scooby put down that bottle of Tequila
Scooby:Rorr Ruur Rappy
Shaggy:For 2 Scooby Snacks?
Scooby:(Stumbles and rolls around in his own vomit and own urine) Righ Rappy
by Oscar September 20, 2004
Used in conjection with "Crank up that"; means we're drinking Budweiser tonight and getting F***** up
Yo Diehl crank up that Diesel
by Oscar August 21, 2003
has a very large american penis
Oh, baby, give me some r.z.y.z.z.y!
by Oscar August 20, 2003
Incredible album put together by the dirty south's sickest lyricest, Ludacris. Fuck that T.I. King of the South talk. Ludacris's 4th album off Def JAm/DTP
1 Intro
2 Number One Spot- An incre
3 Get Back
4 Put Your Money
5 Blueberry Yum Yum
6 Child Of The Night
7 The Potion
8 Too Much
9 Spur Of The Moment
10 Who Not Me
11 Large Amounts
12 Pimpin' All Over The World
13 Two Miles An Hour
14 Hopeless
15 Virgo

Here's a list of shitty rappers that many people regard to be better than Ludacris but are wrong:
Chingy- Faggot who should die for helping to ruin rap with his candy ass garbage.

Nelly- Another one who sucks dick, but, I give him props for trying new shit.

Cassidy- MAkes shitty girly joints like ''Hotel'', and ''Get No Better'' then expects people to take''I'm a Hustler''(His new shitty single look out for that) seriously.

Baby/Anyone on Ca$h Money- Stupid ass muthafuckas who also did a number on rap with their gimmicky asses with shit like ''Bling Bling'' A quer ass term that a bunch of stupid ass Suburban Old women think is funny, along with stupid other white people

Thank God for Ludacris
by Oscar January 03, 2005
Shitty sinkerballer for the red Sox. He likes too suck gigantic gorrila penis. He has a beard so nobody notices the gorilla cum on his mouth. He always blows and is fucking the Red Sox as we speak. He especially enjoys licking the hair off the testicles of donkeys
Joe:Did you get some Derek Lowe last night
Sean:OH YeaH!
by Oscar September 18, 2004

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