45 definitions by OSCAR

those of inherited wealth(class) who regard themselves as better because of their descendancy
his family are such olde posh
by oscar September 29, 2003
A female who is very sexually appealing. On a scale of one to ten she would have to be a 12 in order to be a siad.
Amanda is so fine, she is definately a siad!
by Oscar March 13, 2005
2 fingers at the top of the nose between the 2 eyes. usually done by somebody who is so l33t that when a non-l33t person makes a stupid joke, he does -//-

sometimes this cannot be avoided and incontrolable, a lot of the times, another l33t person must come to the resque.
loser: What is green and has 3 legs?
another loser: uuuh... a crippled frog?
üB3rl337 P3rs0N: -//-
by oscar February 16, 2005
a fusion between flex and flieb0l. somebody whos chillin out all the time and does not give a damn about anyrhing. all he does is smoking, drinking and whatching TV.
*grabs remote control* 'man, wheres like, the like, channel 10? I mean.. dude.. like, dude...'
by oscar February 16, 2005
a shameless plug.
www.technovelty.net is better than you.
by Oscar June 27, 2003
a cuban guy that lives in miami that has a big cock and bangs a lot of chicks
That guy is hung like a pringles can and is surrounded by hot chicks...that must be Oscar
by oscar February 06, 2004
a silly way of calling a friend
what's up gizzard...also what's up gizz...
by oscar February 05, 2004

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