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predominantely British term for masturbation

Buffing the Banana
Holding Your Sausage Hostage
Jackin' the Beanstalk
Rounding up the Tadpoles
Slap Boxing the One-Eyed Champ
Spank the Frank
Applying the hand brake
Attacking the one-eyed purple-headed warrior
Auditioning the finger puppets
Boxing the bald champ
Charming the snake
Checking for testicular cancer
Choking Kojak
Squeezing the cream from the flesh Twinkie
Straddle your paddle
Taking matters into your own hands
Teasing the weasel
Thumping the pump
Tickling the pickle
etc etc
by Master Bates March 23, 2003
5726 968
a derogatory british word describing the gentle art of masturbation often misused by americans. Hence:
1)wanking- not wanking off
2)wanker- not wank
3)a situation can be a wank
1) i was wanking (when my mother walked in). i had a wank.
2) Graham is a wanker. Americans are wankers.
3) That was a wank(the film, lecture, class, job interview etc).
by hornskull December 05, 2003
2050 1151
1. British slang for masturbation or masturbating.
2. An on-line discuss without purpose or substance that often involves pretension and bullshit.
1. There was a guy in the park having a wank in the bushes.

2. Then the entire conversation degenerated into complete wank.
by A.A. September 11, 2004
1049 576
A colloquial reference to male masturbation.
Although E. M. Forster enjoyed Virginia Woolf's company, he'd often wish she'd shut up and leave so he could enjoy a rollicking good wank in the gazeebo.
by Reginald Whattabone October 06, 2003
848 413
.bash the bishop
.choke the chicken
.yank the plank
.clean the pipes
.grapple the gorilla
.pet the one eyed snake
.stroke the salami
.massage colin
.toss off
.shake hands with the milkman
.plain old wank
.greet the old chap
.tommy tank
by r0By$Ta April 08, 2003
643 318
British term to describe masturbating, sometimes known as:

flogging the dolphin
playing tug of war
pumping your fist
having a "german tank"
having a "down town jeremy brown"
having a "five knuckle shuffle"
having "one on the house"

American terms include:

beating off
whacking off
jerking off
he is upstaires having a jossel, would you like to leave a message?
by Chris February 27, 2005
496 277
1) To run one's hand up and down the shaft of the penis repeatedly until semen shoots forth

2) To relieve sexual tension alone (males)
I was caught wanking in the school locker room.

He wanked to a picture of a naked woman.

It's hard to wank when I can't wrap my hand totally around my shaft.
by Wayne Kerr February 23, 2005
332 226