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8 definitions by Mrbruceman

A particularly girthy poo that feels like it stretches you on its way out - it leaves you clenching your buttocks for half an hour afterwards trying to get your ringpiece back into shape!
Remind me never to eat Branflakes again, that dump this morning was so full of stretchers i felt like i'd been fingered by an elephant!
by Mrbruceman March 15, 2009
13 6
A post ejaculatory urination which still contains sperm, giving it a cloudy appearence. The etymology being a contraction of sperm/spunk + piss = spiss
'That was wonderful darling, do you mind if i postpone the post coital hugs you so require in favour of a quick spiss?'
by Mrbruceman February 21, 2009
8 2
Term for a woman's sanitary towel, so named because of its wings and ability to stick to various surfaces should the need arise.
Little Timmy found his mum's airplane stickers in the grocery shopping
by Mrbruceman January 11, 2009
8 2
The name given to an attack of diarrhoea, stemming from the slang term 'The Trots'

Full term is 'a dose of the Leon Trotskys'
Sorry i didn't go out last night, i had a dose of the Leons...'
by Mrbruceman May 17, 2009
4 1
Euphemism for tampons, primarily derived from the shape and material they are made from.
Don't mess with the missus this week, i accidentally spotted some cotton bullets in her handbag
by Mrbruceman January 11, 2009
3 0
The booze based vomit that decorates a drunk city worker's attire when they are found passed out on the last train home.
'I had to sit opposite a passed-out yuppie the other day on the last train home. He dropped a Shirt-bomb and didn't even wake up!
by Mrbruceman January 11, 2009
1 0
When referring to the level of a person's stupidity - the case being that the person is so stupid it's not even their fault, they clearly are a cretin, or an imbecile...
My neighbour is such an imbecile that he shovelled the snow off his car, driveway and path and piled it high on the sidewalk so that no-one could walk down the road. I mean, that shit's medical...
by Mrbruceman February 06, 2012
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