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A post ejaculatory urination which still contains sperm, giving it a cloudy appearence. The etymology being a contraction of sperm/spunk + piss = spiss
'That was wonderful darling, do you mind if i postpone the post coital hugs you so require in favour of a quick spiss?'
#cum #spunk #piss #sperm #urine
by mrbruceman February 21, 2009
spiss is an animated rabbit that skateboards and raps,hes pretty gnarley when it comes to da chicks too!!!
spiss is a sarcastic personna that has been zebratised!!!
#spiss #rabbit #skateboard #rap #animated #gold tooth #pixels #hip hop
by spiss February 26, 2008
Spiss is what happens when you take a 'piss' after sex or a wank and still have spunk at the end of your dick.
Chuck the condom in the bin love - i'll be right back, i'm off for a spiss
#wazzle #spunk #piss #wee #jizz
by Antdabiker November 06, 2010
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