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Alex Ying, a nickname.
Came from HHS sled club.
Ghinga broke his ass off the hill.
by Mo March 14, 2005
When ur angry about something. Your brewing over.
I was brewing about that!
I'm brewing at the moment!
by mo January 14, 2005
A girl that thinks that shes pretty but is real ugly and wears her best friends clothes. If she buys her own clothes she wears them and then returns them.
JLO is the best example of a pigion. Listen to the song pigion.
by Mo December 17, 2004
1)A derogitory term used for one who is addicted to black pornography.
2)A term used to describe one who is infatuated with the act of injesting pubic hairs.
-"Jesus H Christ...thats a lot of black porn...you're a fuckin Sameerian!"
-"Hey lay off! I deleted it...but it just kept coming back!"
-"This chicken tastes funny"
-"Oh, sorry...I thought you were a Sameerian!"
by Mo March 23, 2004
Kids that get there kicks from drinking chasing cows in field with a 3 or 4 wheeler and sitting by a fire all night and playing in it til someone gets burned or falls in it,also all they do all day long is chew tabacco and hang out at a truck stop all damn day ..... also know as rednecks or hillbillies
Damn those hill jacks are soo dumb.
by Mo October 22, 2003
like, what a Fred Durst, maan.
by Mo March 07, 2003
A mix between the words Fart, Booger and Poop.
You are such a Fargerpoop!
by Mo April 07, 2005

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