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someone who is well liked and has a lot of true friends, usually has fashionable clothes,most ppl who may not even be a close friend know her and not just nescisarily in her grade,it is assumed that popular ppl end up as nobodys working at mcdonalds but it is not true u can be smart, get good grades and be popular, u could have talent as well and get famous after that
that girl is the most popular girl in the grade,mabye even in the school.
by mo August 26, 2004
high rollin' playa at some ill company
Bill Gates is tha executive of Microsoft
by mo April 05, 2003
awesome; gorgeous; cool
Damn, that dress is dank.
by Mo May 24, 2004
Someone who says the word 'who' in the same manner Cybill Faulty. A Cybill is definitely worst than a Numpty!
That Liana is a right Cybill!
by mo December 02, 2003
from yag, gay, homo
papa wolff didn't raise no yaggot
by mo April 15, 2004
also yaggot
that yag hooked up with the beast
chris is a yag
papa wolff didn't raise no yaggot
by mo April 15, 2004
A dumbass that continually pissed of Charlie Murphy.
"I should have never gave you niggas money."
"The milk's gone bad"
"Show me those tittas... Im Rick James"
"Buy yourself a new couch mother fucker.. Im Rick James"
by Mo March 12, 2004

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