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Some stupid word my borther made up...it's wigger and nucca .

Obviously it means a wigger who really thinks he's a ganster.
Vinny: Hey wucca
Dion: ?!?!?! Your a wigga
by Mo January 27, 2005
to fuck someone in the ass
steve likes to be glenn's dookie plug
by mo October 19, 2003
A loud sound made sporatically to break silence or piss one off.
Sittin in the middle of class during a dumb ass test... "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK"
by Mo October 15, 2003
liking it, loving it
What? A green pinto with T.V.'s in the headrest? Hell yeah, I'm all over it.
by Mo July 31, 2003
Jailbait. Underage girl.
Eddie Cruz:"Man I want to bone John's sister."
Me: " Fuck that homie, she's just a SQUINCLA. 10 gets you 20."
by Mo July 17, 2003
1. We don't know what it means. It can be an undefined adjective.

2. Sketchy, unknown

3. Any adjective that existed, ever.
"He looked really shoppy over in the corner".

"That test last perios was SO shoppy".

"Don't be so shoppy to me!"
by Mo May 02, 2005
A girl that thinks that shes pretty but is real ugly and wears her best friends clothes. If she buys her own clothes she wears them and then returns them.
JLO is the best example of a pigion. Listen to the song pigion.
by Mo December 17, 2004

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