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Verb: Greek Root

a way of moving, similar to gliding
I ferroned down the street.
by Mo February 24, 2004
fuck you nasty ass hoe
To mom: sure ma
Under breath: FUNAH
by Mo February 20, 2005
It means Dates (the fruit) in indian.
A kajur is uasually black and stupid with no intellect, and smokes an arabic pipe or midwakh.
You idiot, stop being a kajur.
by Mo May 20, 2004
Alot of pubic hair
Chris needs to shave his gorilla salad.
by Mo February 25, 2004
The act of stomping the hell out of someone once they are on the ground. Usually associated with a group of friends stomping a single individual
Yo mickey, hit em once, then it's just bootwork.
by Mo February 20, 2004
One who has engaged in sexual acts with women so horribly fat that they were consumed by the females genitles.
-"Fuck me, baby."
-"Hell yea! Ooo yeah, baby, just like that!....Hey...whats happening?!..HEY! Stop it! STOP IT! Help me!!! HELP MEEE!! AAGHGGHHHH............."
-"...Goddammit, there goes another one. Fucking shantarooni!"
by mo March 25, 2004
to get comfortable with ones partner, to throw each other about the bed, couch, or other surface, to cuddle in a sexually suggestive manner, to use your partner as a pillow
J & M wallered all early morning!
by Mo August 09, 2003

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