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Absolutley no problem.
Yo need fiddy g? Dat ain't no ting!
by Mo December 26, 2003
1. verb- to have suffered the repeated thrusts of a Spanish Cock
2. A Unit of measurement, the span of an erected spanish cock (approximately 3 inches)
1. OOOOO she is a fatty! She looks like she's been cockerspanieled!!
b. Oh shit dat bitch is gettin cockerspanieled!!

2. This ruler seems to be 4 cockerspaniels long
by Mo March 26, 2003
1) One who feels compelled to spout out catch phrases every one or two minues
2) One who lies compulsively
-"Hey dude, are you coming to the party tonight?"
-"I'm playing it by the hour."
-"What the fuck? That was very shantarooni of you."
-"Oh, sorry."
-"Hey, you promise to play football and take us to the movies later?"
-"Dude, of course guys, you're my BROTHERS! And we stick together right?"
...3 Hours Later...
-"Yo, you promised man! Don't pull another Shantarooni!"
-"I'm playing it by the hour."
by Mo March 24, 2004
God, holy being, supernaturally awesome one.
I worship Mo the almightly
by Mo September 06, 2004
hinky is a word that means sort of lik,e tacky and froogle is just like a random wordand when u use them together ur saying something negative,
brittany dresses like sucha hinky froogle, or: omg u little hinky froogle
by Mo August 24, 2004
when you just dont give a fuck about school
Ahh. fuck I hate school!
by Mo February 02, 2005
Kimmys baby also know as Ravin ... a cute little shit
Piggy need to stop callin me dadada im a chick
by MO November 02, 2003

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