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90 definitions by Mo

A mix between the words Fart, Booger and Poop.
You are such a Fargerpoop!
by Mo April 07, 2005
Absolutley no problem.
Yo need fiddy g? Dat ain't no ting!
by Mo December 26, 2003
1) One who feels compelled to spout out catch phrases every one or two minues
2) One who lies compulsively
-"Hey dude, are you coming to the party tonight?"
-"I'm playing it by the hour."
-"What the fuck? That was very shantarooni of you."
-"Oh, sorry."
-"Hey, you promise to play football and take us to the movies later?"
-"Dude, of course guys, you're my BROTHERS! And we stick together right?"
...3 Hours Later...
-"Yo, you promised man! Don't pull another Shantarooni!"
-"I'm playing it by the hour."
by Mo March 24, 2004
God, holy being, supernaturally awesome one.
I worship Mo the almightly
by Mo September 06, 2004
hinky is a word that means sort of lik,e tacky and froogle is just like a random wordand when u use them together ur saying something negative,
brittany dresses like sucha hinky froogle, or: omg u little hinky froogle
by Mo August 24, 2004
when you just dont give a fuck about school
Ahh. fuck I hate school!
by Mo February 02, 2005
Kimmys baby also know as Ravin ... a cute little shit
Piggy need to stop callin me dadada im a chick
by MO November 02, 2003