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90 definitions by mo

An Asshole
Quit being such a culero
by Mo July 17, 2003
644 182
The act of voluntarily exchanging spit with another person of the same or opposite sex for an extended time period.
Hey teacher look! Chris and Leah are making out and leah cant breath!!!
by Mo February 26, 2004
1202 742
Ultra cool move that Michael Jackson performs. He walks forward and moves backwards. Everybody is just jealous because they don't know how to do it.
Dude did you see the Billie Jean video.
Michael jackson performs the moonwalk, and i was shocked to see that he was black too.
by Mo May 27, 2004
710 281
School with the most beach blondes, suv's, cocaine addicts, sexy surfer boys, year round tanned skin, and where hot chicks made out together at parties in million dollar houses beachside
2 years ago a girl from 2000 senior class died of a cocaine overdose. She was blonde, thin, hot, rich, tan, and made out with other hot chicks. typical cox girl
by mo March 28, 2004
255 102
To the person who said that a Cleveland Steamer is when you receive a BJ on the crapper whilst droping the Kids off at the pool, To you I say, wrong sir. That is called a Blumpky. A Cleveland Steamer is most definatly a poo sport for the emotionally retartedans socially inept.
Why waste perfectly good poo on a Blumpky when you can share the fun of a Cleveland Steamer with your insignificant other.
by MO November 03, 2004
250 146
An aspiring musician, poet, politician, and soldier, that has changed the lives of many Black Americans, and taught them to stand up for their rights, and to always question authorities. June 17, 1971 - September 13, 1996
Tupac's lyrics are the sh*t!
by Mo September 12, 2003
199 103
Hottest man alive. Voted Best Bum in Britain, and totally deserves it. Fine actor as well.
Sean Bean could fuck me any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.
by Mo January 04, 2004
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