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1. Extremely excited, ecstatic, stoked, treed, pumped, psyched, jazzed, amped, revved, wired.

Has roots in drug culture (use of hypodermic needles) to get extremely high.

2. Exaggerated expectations created by over-promising or over-advertising hype.
1. I am hyped--my new surfboard rocks!

2. These crappy headphones were hyped.
by Richard Allan Cooper February 19, 2005
Because "psyched" is too hard to spell
Person 1: Dude, are you excited?
Person 2: Hell yeah, I'm hyped!
Person 1: Why not say "psyched"?
Person 2: Fuck that.
by mattrchambers September 06, 2014
Something promoted or publicized (a product or idea) intensively, often exaggerating its importance or benefits
Studying is hyped.
by atduarte December 02, 2012
When someone is excited about something

Jamaal: This rave is gunna be sooo good..
Tyreke: I know! Im propa hyped!
Grace: Allan, i got some chicken for you!
Allan: OMD reaaally??!
Grace: Haha, I was joking! you were propa gettin hyped aswell :P
by BlackPudding?! July 08, 2011
The act of being, insanely, dangerously, crazy, excited, or esstatic for something. You are so excited you feel a wace go through your entire body, and it gets so intense you feel as if you are going to have an out of body experience.
Molly -Yo, scott are you hyped?!
Scott - Are you fucking kidding! I cant wait!!!! LETS GET IT!

Molly - You good, your shaking!
Scott - IM HYPED
by Step Jew April 10, 2015
The experience of consuming way too much caffeine. The jitters, the distraction, heart pumpin, ya know.
"I was way too hyped to pay attention in class, but shit was dooooope"

"Damn son, don't get so hyped or yr gonna be in the bathroom all night!"

"Yo wanna make a pot of hype?"

"Yo I got so hyped on that date shit was hypnotic"
by poppinpoppin January 08, 2013
wen some 1 just had toooooooo much sugar. and they are going up to every1 they see and asking them questions. erin u no this is u!!!
"omg omg omg omg omg" the girl said "what what what" the boy said "i just ate 10 pounds of sugar.....hahhahahahahaha" the girl said "um wow u are going to be rele hyped"the boy said " ahahahahahahahah i already am"
by erinrox,ray April 18, 2009
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