90 definitions by Mo

Strut my stuff and yes I flaunt it>>>
struttin yo stuff in da cribb
by MO January 18, 2005
going to kings

getting high

where you tell your parents that you are going, when you are going to go get high

a shitty hang out
hallie, lets go to kings later
by mo February 23, 2004
head; felletio
"I need some blossom"
by Mo April 08, 2004
A British word meaning erection
Last night at Morgans house i got a monsterous irish toothache!
by Mo February 25, 2004
to jack off a man cock
baby you know how to toss my salad, lick up the extra dressing
by mo March 07, 2005
old people's pot, generally known for it's better quality
Let's go back to my dad's place. He has the opp!
by mo March 05, 2005
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