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gettin crazy n drunk
Im out wit my gurlz gettin crunk...
by Mo August 22, 2004
1. The medical term to one that has been diagnosed with being a fag.
2. Having homosexual irritation (i.e. been fucked up the ass too much)
His fagalitis is what caused him to be the loser at the party.
by mo April 25, 2005
An old singer dude who has cool songs but sucks at singing them (thats why they are often remade into something better). Sometimes compared to David Bowie, which is dumb because Bowie is obviously a WAY better artist.
Rod is ugly
by MO April 25, 2004
A snobby ass whore who likes to put his nebby ass in other people's business. He likes getting up in everyone's grill. That Whore. He's also a fag.
D'Whore, why are you such a fag?!
by Mo March 16, 2005
an orgasm (male or female)
You're so horny; you better not pancake your pants!
by Mo March 08, 2005
horny; wanting sexual satisfaction
"Brittany's always thirsty."
by Mo April 08, 2004
a pakistani guy who is really light skin but he thins hes black
the leader of the notorious muslim crew
a well skilled rapper from the hood of L.A. loves wearing james jersey
shiznitz knaw mean a leading rapper in the west coast muslim crew repp
by mo January 30, 2005
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