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Diarrhea; Painful or otherwise discomfortable defecation.
1. Dude. . .I got The Deeks something awful!

2. Man, I can't stop Deekin' it up today!

by Mac March 14, 2003
I really cool person whose user name is Junkcar02. He goes to gamefaqs and plays the following games: Rainbow Six 3, Red Alert 2, Half-Life, Unreal Tournament 2004, Frag.Ops, Medal of Honor Allied Assault, and Starcraft.
I saw Junkcar02 pwn everyone in Medal of Honor!
by Mac September 21, 2004
Like pirates, but gay.
Oh noes! Here come the assrates!
by MAc December 20, 2003
The Penile in the 2nd or 3rd person
Man she acts like she don't recognize... put da Dliznic on her she'll be singin an octive higher
by Mac February 07, 2003
a word made by fish aka alex
meaning happy or exiceted
that was a phantaloopin good time at the fair.
by mac April 21, 2005
weed/marijuana/hash/hippy hay/pot/dope/reefer...
It is used in a sentence like it is a place:"Lets go to the wishle" meaning "Lets go smoke weed"
by Mac January 15, 2005
Relik is our God!
by Mac December 12, 2003
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