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Two meanings:

1) Intoxicated, nearly always pertaining to alcohol.

2) When a film does poorly at the box office.

Person A: "Did you see the Hulk?"
Person B: "No. I heard it tanked, actually."
The Hulk
New York Minute
Dungeons and Dragons
From Justin to Kelly
The Alamo
The Real Cancun
Spy Kids 1, 2 and 3
Scooby Doo 1 and 2

etc etc etc
by Ryan Thompson July 11, 2004
408 82
To be excessively drunk
I went out last night and got tanked
by Chris November 18, 2002
258 53
excessively drunk. Usually used by a college crowd or a fraternity
dude Im fuckin stoked for the party tonight man we're gonna get fuckin TANKED!!"
( Push...crash )
by herbie January 22, 2004
148 73
To tank something is to do badly or at it, or fail. One usually does this on tests that one is unprepared for. Tanking is the verb of tank.
Me: Man, I just tanked the math portion of my PSATs.

by Riannea October 17, 2007
83 23
when you get really really drunk and usually end up passed out, in a pile of trash, or lying next to someone you dont remember fucking.
Kelly got tanked last night.
by holyroman April 18, 2005
107 53
SEVERLY intoxicated
Damn mang, all those beers got me fucking TANKED. I can't even walk straight.

You feel like getting tanked tonite?
by eternalcrux December 29, 2003
61 25
To be physically built. Like a tank.
That guy is tanked!!! I wonder what the caliber of those abs are.
by Sebastiancee October 11, 2007
34 30