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To go get stoned/high
"Hey lets go greenhouse" meaning "lets go smoke weed"
by Mac January 15, 2005
Three emotions, put into words, following eachother in quick succesion. Blunt Amazement, "Oh my God." Slight Amusement, "Laughing out loud." followed by Blank Confusion/Crude Amazement, "What the fuck?"
You are playing some sort of counter-strike like game. A friend of yours, or just someone you know, leaps over someone else's head(omg), looks down(lol), and plants a killing shot in his face(wtf?).
by mac May 02, 2004
One who enjoys the sexual company of someone twice their age.
"Stacey gave a 32-yearold a blowjob, she is such a graverobber"
by Mac May 28, 2003
1. pleasing to the eyes, heart, and palette; 2. fucking scrumptious
Mama served my favorite dish last night, pork chops. They were mac-a-licious.
by Mac February 04, 2004
i, Member of the EU, who in his/her spare time likes to make up stupid laws and insult* contrys 100's of miles away while sitting in Brussels**.

*like naming kilts 'womens wear'
Why is it always the French that are Eurocrats!?!
by Mac November 29, 2003
Used Tampons or Pads Floating in a Usually Clogged Toilet
Damn Toilet is Clogged by White Fish again!
by Mac November 17, 2003
swiss sports teachers who seem to be relatives of Adolf Hitler.
sadosepp: Fun through Strength!!!
by mac April 07, 2005
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