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a total n00b.
Someone who worships tiesto.
Someone who listens to too much radio, IDing every track.
"Can i join this powerpost group"
"omfg tijs is a ch00nmaster
by mac April 28, 2004
Banks is The Future..fuck 50
"Your top seller gettin stick for its shine, either im blind or ashanti's sideburns are thicker den mine
by Mac November 07, 2003
ch00n is a synonym with tune. A great track/song is a tune.

Mostly used by trancekiddies online listening to live DJ mixsets.
mr_kuk says: omg this is the track of the year!!!

mr_dj says: OMG CH00N! QUICK, ID PLZ!!!
by Mac January 14, 2004
Off hand reference to a girl slutting around, esp on the rebound.
After her divorce, mary threw the cat around like a college girl on spring break
by mac September 13, 2004
Expression of anxiety and a wish to make peace, used often when a fight breaks out.
"Ayayay.... caaaalm doooown"
by Mac September 03, 2004
Salad Shooter- A vegetarian who has bad diarrhea.
I shouldnt have eaten that 2 month old asparagus, uhhhhhhh........
by Mac April 16, 2004
To start movement after all movement has ceased, usually used while driving an automobile.
"Come on people! Let's do the locomotion!"
by Mac May 28, 2003

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