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56 definitions by Mac

Films le Jenkins is an awesome website with homemade web videos. They span all sorts of ideas. Most of the videos star the comb-over. Other appearances by J.P. and Mac. Checkout all the videos. Especially Joey(people seem to like it). The site is www.flj.vze.com or www.filmslejenkins.vze.com
d00d FlJ totally ownz my face. The Comb-Over pwns all@!!11111!!11!twelve
by Mac December 10, 2004
When preceded by the word "Charles", is used to refer to the anus of a girl in the fasttalk dialect. Plural: danii
Britni's danus is juicy, although excessively hairy.

If Varga had a child, their danii would be surrounded by a thick mat of fur.
by Mac August 11, 2003
an abundance of money, currency
Yo, this kid is makin cake at his new job.
I just cashed my check and i'm cakin'.
by Mac February 19, 2005
#1 New Jersey East Coast Initial D Player.
Memeber Of Ace Project
by Mac April 09, 2005
Another word for the rocket launcher in the xbox game Halo.
Oh shit son...Martin just got the quad.
by mac September 12, 2003
The aliens know as Talosians from Rigel 7 from the original pilot from Star Trek. Also in the two part episode "The Menagerie". Look at the back of their huge heads, they're butts.
The buttheads of Rigel 7 held me in a cage and made me kiss a butt ugly women
by MAC May 08, 2003
can be used to describe literally anything or anyone or any action.
throw them dick worms up!
you are such a dick worm....
dick worms unite
by MAC September 15, 2004