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the current condition before the war.
Lorena Bobbit used a knife to challenge the status quo.
by mac January 02, 2004
A slang term for the male fore-skin (shmuck)
That be fishy like Jason's pinto.
by Mac September 24, 2003
Jared Mc Cormicks lover and a creature who dwells under overpasses.
Hey dude i think smashface is in the vents.
by MAC March 18, 2004
This word means a shifty looking rentboy who sells his hole for 10cents in the jax in the red box and lies to eveyone that he's manager of Crawdaddy's.
to naoise
by Mac June 18, 2004
A brief relationship or hookup used to get over a serious relationship.
Mike: Are you going to call that girl you hooked up with last night?

Dave:Nah, i just needed some methadone to get over Nancy
by mac February 27, 2005
1. Coolest computers ever, made by Apple (www.apple.com) 2. Personal computers that can't run the Windows OS natively (which is a good thing)
by Mac November 23, 2002
Short form slang for a Short and Heavy girl. Short plus Heavy equals Chevy.
"Check out that Chevy walking this way...quick, hide those chips"
by mac September 13, 2004

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