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A white or red liquid containing alcohol that is usually found in the cabinet in a glass bottle. Once indulged, one might do things he might normally not do, and have a great time doing it.
I got hammered on wine all last night at the party and then drove my SUV through the mall. It was fucking great.
by Mac December 03, 2003
This involves making a small pocket inside your partners mouth (Probably with cling film etc) then fill it with a small amount of poo. Then as you are about to bolt after fucking your partners mouth, thrust really hard and break through the poo-pocket thus filling her mouth with spunk and poo milkshake: Hence a "Hot Lunch" Simple really.
Mac: "Hey Soph, You wanna have a Hot Lunch today?" (He he he)

Soph: Oh yes please, only no sweetcorn this time, it gets stuck in my teeth.
by Mac October 13, 2004
Chron is really good smoke, the kind that makes your eyes red and your mouth dry just from looking at it. Chron can be double bagged and you will still be able to smell that shit.
Yo man fuck the BC BUNK, we got the CALGARY CHRON!!!!
by Mac August 08, 2003
To weigh, with one's hands, someones testicles
I was feeling bad, until Brian gave me some cupping. I felt better afterwards
by Mac June 03, 2004
sex god the 1 and only
1. i wish i was jase
by mac April 12, 2004
The guiche is the bit betwixt your asshole and your nutsack. Also know as the perenium in scientific circles
The cheeky bint tickled my guiche
by Mac October 12, 2004
informal for a person from Dijibouti, the country in Africa.
He is a jabooty, born and raised
by mac March 06, 2005
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