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A person who is homosexual.

AN: gay lesbian lesbo and several other variations.
"Man, Cons is so fruity in the booty!"
by Morgan March 21, 2005
The best band in the world. Lead singer/bass guitar Tyson Ritter is the hottest man alive! They have awesome talent and anyone who disses them needs to shut the fuck up!
Tyson Ritter from The All-American Rejects is so orgasmic!
by mOrGaN October 18, 2003
Hot, Sweet, Funny, Thoughtful, Caring, Baller, Fun to talk with, baby Boo, cute smile, Can be a bully mostly not lol..in love with JoJo
Huggybear wont be online for a while because hes gone on vacation.
by Morgan March 25, 2005
This phrase originates from Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada. Heard in the halls of HCI, this phrase was originally used to mock Jared Klimosko, whose nickname is "Bird." Cody Spence and Richard Harbison are the ones responsible for starting this idiotic trend.

Why was this phrase created? Bird just wouldn't sit down.
Richard: Birdgie! Sit down!
Bird: No.
Cody: Birdgie!
Richard: Birgie!
Cody: Birgie!
Richard: Birdgie.
Cody: Birgie.
Richard: Birdgie.
Miss Philips: Would you two shut the hell up?
Richard: Birdgie.
(Bird sits down.)
by Morgan February 20, 2005
Essentially a really cheesy porno with some fake gore, starring Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth. Lots of boobs, blood, jugular veins, head explosions, and fun for the whole family! Silly brits can't make movies.
Want a good laugh? Go see Cradle of Fear.
by Morgan June 17, 2006
A word invented by the coolest girl ever.
"Elissa is so escellent because she made up this word."
by Morgan March 26, 2005
A vinx is the coolest person alive. This person has a tendency to adore chickens and other perverted things and also likes to say that people are fruity in the booty. This type of person is the bomb, and no more.
Wow, look at that vinx over there!
by Morgan March 21, 2005

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