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'Net speak for "psycho." Originated from 11-year-olds who couldn't be bothered to look in a dictionary.
OMG ur physco ex-gurlfrend jus called me up looking 4 u!!
by mcmackey October 21, 2007
a morons way of spelling psycho
random dude #1: my ex gf is a physco bitch!!

random dude #2: i think you mean "psycho" dude
by Dr Jester February 01, 2009
A person with obnoxious outrages that happen randomly
Jessica is the pure definition of physco
by scaredgirl July 03, 2012
A physical company; the opposite of a Dot Com or a computer-based corporation.
the "We Sell Your Stuff on Ebay Store" from the movie 40 Year Old Virgin is a physco
by SMUmuch March 26, 2008
A silly pseudo-psycho: someone who is a bit crazy, but not seriously so, generally
He intentionally ran his shopping cart into mine...what a physco!
by nononono2012 March 28, 2011
A sexual deviant whose name is often either april or ellie. They are very attractive with ostentatious curves and often speak in many tongues such as Portuguese and Filipino. They are often confused for angels but are rejected as being erroneous because of their vulgar language. They live in small secluded areas and meet up every two years at a motel room with a mysteriously handsome man, often taking part in sexual explorations. After these explorations the three partners often journey to McDonalds in Japan to feast on the praised french fry.
ELLIE: Why didn't you make reservations for Super 8 last night?
ELLIE: But we were supposed to explore STEPHAN's special parts?
APRIL: i just called us hoes! but it's your fault ellie! for comparing the story to us! PHYSCO!
by realbronz November 28, 2009
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