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Ghetto way of saying "For Sure" People who think they are THE MAN! say it like this
"Is your name Rowley?"
"Fo Shure"
by Morgan June 28, 2004
a handjob thats to intense to handel.orgasmic and to hot to handle trust me your bone will be hard
"yo man i got a nice ass mak job"
"Damn that makjob was hott my dog spit up twice"
by morgan March 09, 2005
the mixture of cum and sperm
bob u just cermed in my mouth.
by morgan February 26, 2005
Word of both shit and fuck to exclaim major annoyance or suprise.

Hahahaha zoe i beat u 2 it!!!! no hard feelins tho :P
"Where is my bag???? O shitfucks!!"
by morgan October 04, 2004
A hand job that makes you dog spit up
hard and fast;nice a cool
"damn son that was a nice makjob"
by morgan March 09, 2005
A french duke who delivered the news of the fall of Bastille to King Louis XVI July 14, 1789. This began the French Revolution.

Someone with an extraordinarily long name that you couldn't correctly pronounce if you were paid to.
When King Louis XVI was told the news of the fall of the Bastille by the duc de La Rouchefoucauld-Lianocourt, he exclaimed
"Why, this is a revolt."
"No sire," replied the duc, "this is a revolution."

"hey what's his name?"
"i dunno, might as well be duc de La Rouchefoucauld-Lianocourt..."
by morgan December 05, 2004
The relatives of an inbred.
"I reckon that as it's your tenth birthday, Jodie Ann, I should tell yee a few thangs about who lives here with us, cousin Billy Bob here is your kinfolk, IN FACT, he's your brother, uncle, and husband too."
by Morgan October 16, 2003

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