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to make fun of, or riddicule another; to talk about somebody based on appearance, actions, or pesonalility
Look at those shoes Janie got on, dang she better not say anything to me or else I will roast her ass!

Helen roasted Uranka so bad, he almost made her cry.

J: Look at those two-toned shoes D got on
D: I kno u anit talking with that shirt. It streches so far that u dont even have to iron, EVER!!
Everybody: ROAST!!!!
by Morgan May 22, 2005
A big jump. As in related to skiing and or boarding.
Dude that kicker was sic.
by Morgan January 20, 2005
after a person passes out at a party, take a marker pen and write all over their face.
after drinking too much, jason passed out and his friends chiefed him.
by morgan October 08, 2003
(That's Japanese for pink)
A Bento Box should not be pinku or have pictures of cartoon characters on it
by Morgan June 02, 2003
lissie is like the greatest girl I know. She's always been there for me. seriously, if anyone thinks differently, than you've got problems.
she totally saved me from getting used by my hot ex.
by Morgan February 24, 2005
The vengeful act of deficating at the front door of someone's house.
As an added bonus the feces may be picked up and thrown on the door. Gloves recommended.
That sucker messed with me for the last time, he's gonna get a midnight steamer !!
by morgan August 15, 2003
a woman who fucks alot of men in a small period of time.
hey man, that chick is fit, but fuck me she's a slapper.
yeah she fucked 10 guys in 2 weeks.
by Morgan June 22, 2004

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