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The relatives of an inbred.
"I reckon that as it's your tenth birthday, Jodie Ann, I should tell yee a few thangs about who lives here with us, cousin Billy Bob here is your kinfolk, IN FACT, he's your brother, uncle, and husband too."
by Morgan October 16, 2003
Masterbating in a cat's basket, with your cat in the basket, by using a Gear Magazine.
Dude, Leksan totally was cat basketing this morning. And Tyler saw him too!
by Morgan December 20, 2004
agreement of something, or agreement.
"hey man, this shit whack"
"neato burito"
by Morgan June 22, 2004
A feeling one gets when in a dark cold room with nothing on but a guitar strapped around their neck, preferably crying and listening to hardcore music, loud and very hard.
Last night I was feeling super emo.
by Morgan November 23, 2003
the act of suprising someone by shoving your finger up someones butt.
she jumped 5 feet in the air when i gave her that stinky stan
by morgan August 08, 2003
referring to yourself as the best..
... i give you props fo dat.. but in the end... im just SoOo G!
by Morgan February 13, 2003
great, fantastic, sick-narly, pro
that was a solid effort
by morgan August 22, 2003

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