58 definitions by Johnny Tats

a flaming fucking faggot
Look at that peanut wrangler over in the corner!
by Johnny Tats November 09, 2007
a term for a flaming homosexual
That new guy at work is a fucking corn camper!
by Johnny Tats November 09, 2007
When a man accidentally shoots him self in the eye when jerking off
I had to go and buy a bottle of visine after my miscue this morning.
by Johnny Tats September 14, 2007
a mans very large cock
By the gaping size of her pussy it looks like she's been getting hit with a cunt cleaver.
by Johnny Tats July 25, 2008
term used to describe a faggot that only sucks cock and does not take it in the ass
I hear that Wayne is one of those fucking hotdog inhalers.
by Johnny Tats January 03, 2008
Term used to describe a woman's VERY hairy pussy. Looks similar to having your cards fanned out in a hand of poker.
I took this cougar home last night and she had one hell of a full boat.
by Johnny Tats November 01, 2007
Slang for an American Express black card. As coined by Fabolous on From Nothing to Something.
That guy must be rich cause he has a negro card.
by Johnny Tats October 15, 2007

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