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The amalgamation of "masterpiece" and "ass" - essentially a masterful ass. This is applicable to any female that has a lot to bare with her derrière.
Jessica Biel has an ass that won't stop! What an assterpiece!

Even in her older state, J Lo still has a mighty fine assterpiece protecting her backside.
by P. Britt January 28, 2011
the wonderful paintjob that one gives the toilet when they have explosive diarreah
I painted such an assterpiece today that I thought I was Michaelangelo.
by Johnny Tats December 10, 2007
A magnificient ass.

(Ass + Masterpiece = Ass-terpiece)

This is NOT "Booty" or whatever the fuck word people use when they mean big Fat ass.

Check out that woman, she has an ass-terpiece
by Chaotic J February 20, 2009
Used to Describe The Most Amazingly Awesome Ass on a Woman

(Ass + Masterpiece = Ass-terpiece)
Look at her ass...that is an Ass-terpiece
by Joe Chaos April 17, 2009

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