58 definitions by Johnny Tats

the numb feeling in ones thumb that ocurrs from holding a cold item for too long
I got some killer polar thumb from that Ben and Jerry's yesterday.
by Johnny Tats March 24, 2008
slang term to describe AIDS
Watch out for Wayne cause he has the stuff.
by Johnny Tats January 03, 2008
Slang term for heroine.
I nedd a $100 of the bomb tikis.
by Johnny Tats October 16, 2007
A tattoo aon a womans lower back above her ass.
That hottie I took home last night had a great piece of reading material.
by Johnny Tats October 13, 2007
An expression that a man uses to express that he would fuck a woman
Man 1: Damn that new girl is fucking fine.

Man 2: Would I!!!
by Johnny Tats September 16, 2008
to be so stoned that all you can do is sit and laugh at how stoned you are
I got so stupifried off that weed from Paul.
by Johnny Tats December 10, 2007
when a woman is worthy of having your dick in her
I would fuck Mary, but she just isn't dickworthy.
by Johnny Tats December 10, 2007

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