58 definitions by Johnny Tats

Slang term for a quarter pound of marijuana.
Meet me at the spot with a q-bert.
by Johnny Tats October 16, 2007
A man who is so gay that flames shoot out his ass when he farts.
That new janitor is a fucking firestarter.
by Johnny Tats November 02, 2007
an extremely homosexual ritual performed by fraternity brothers on their new pledges in which beer is poured down one brothers ass crack and into the mouth of the eagerly awaiting pledge
I thought about joining their fraternity, but I found out that they do the buttchug and that was it for me.
by Johnny Tats June 18, 2008
a womans pussy that smells like tuna fish
She is so hot, but I hear she has chicken of the sea.
by Johnny Tats June 16, 2008
When one is driving and has to piss so bad that they are squeezing the steering wheel so hard that there knuckles are white.
I was white knuckling for 15 minutes this afternoon when I was stuck in traffic.
by Johnny Tats November 08, 2007
A tattoo on a womans lower back above har butt.
Damn, that is one sexy butt rocker on that bitch!
by Johnny Tats October 13, 2007
to masturbate at a very fast pace
I only had 10 minutes before the old lady got home, so I popped in a porno to help me double clutch.
by Johnny Tats May 16, 2008

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