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58 definitions by Johnny Tats

A very hairy unshaved pussy.
That ho has a furr pie that you can see through her pants.
by Johnny Tats November 02, 2007
Similar to tennis elbow but obtained by a bartender after vigorously shaking martinis all night long
I was unable to pump the monkey after work last nite because I had a severe case of martini elbow.
by Johnny Tats September 14, 2007
the name given to a Volkswagon Cabriolet that is owned by a man
Man 1: I think my new girls brother might be a homo.

Man 2: The gaybriolet is a dead giveaway.
by Johnny Tats July 29, 2008
the undersized well manicured mustache that gay men have...they use it to sop up the cum that is left on the head of the cock
Woman : What is your opinion about Bruce? Do you think he is gay?

Man : That cumsopper is a dead giveaway baby.
by Johnny Tats June 18, 2008
A dent that occurs on ones car after being parked in a public lot. Usually from a shopping cart or another cars door.
I just got my DB9 a week ago and already have a parking lot special on the passenger side.
by Johnny Tats April 23, 2008
the numb feeling in ones thumb that ocurrs from holding a cold item for too long
I got some killer polar thumb from that Ben and Jerry's yesterday.
by Johnny Tats March 24, 2008
when one has to desperately squeeze their asscheeks together because they have to shit badly
I was in traffic on the highway today and had to do the clinch for almost an hour.
by Johnny Tats July 31, 2008