58 definitions by Johnny Tats

the large roll of fat that needs to be lifted up to get to a fat womans pussy
If you want to fuck Stacey you will have to open the garage door.
by Johnny Tats November 15, 2007
young girls walking home from school
The corner of 8th and Chew has the best after school specials.
by Johnny Tats November 13, 2007
A term used to describe a womans pussy.
She had one tasty smokin pink taco.
by Johnny Tats November 02, 2007
slang term for fucking someone
I took that hottie home last night and planked her.
by Johnny Tats October 15, 2007
Stands for gay scooter and is used to refer to 2 men riding on the same scooter...found very predominantly in South Florida.
If you go to South beach there is a gooter on every corner.
by Johnny Tats April 30, 2008
stands for Fuckable, Lovable, Understanding, Friend, Forever...usually refers to 2 fuck buddies
I was hanging out with my FLUFF Ann last night and now I'm tired as hell.
by Johnny tats February 22, 2008
Acronym for Ballin' On a Budget
I was going to get the Rolex, but since I'm BOB I got the Seiko.
by Johnny Tats October 13, 2007

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