The female version of hero.

As it's a gender specific word, it's considered un-PC by many.

Hero is the gender neutral term, as the word 'hero' had nothing to do with the word "he". One comes from Greek, one from Old English.

In Greek legend there's actually a woman called Hero as in the tale of Hero & Leander.
The heroine triumphed against the evil dude.
by Gangsta Gurl August 03, 2006
Like hero, but specific to women. A useless word considering that hero is typically used for either sex.

Not to be confused with heroin, as it's common for stupid people to tack an "e" on the end when using the internet.
1) Dude im soooo high on heroine rite now!!!!1
2) You're high on a girl or woman of outstanding courage, nobility, etc., or of heroic achievements? You're an idiot.
by Sigur Ros May 31, 2008
Kurt Cobain's very deadly best friend. Yes, he spelled it with an 'e'.
'I decided to relieve my pain with Heroine for a walloping 3 whole weeks' - Kurt Cobain's Journals
by Archie Wrath April 17, 2010
The female version of hero
Wonder Woman is a famous heroine in comics
by anonymous August 18, 2004
1.A female hero
2.The From First to Last album that is out March 21, 2006!
1. Laura is a real heroine.
2. From First to Last's new album, Heroine, is really great.
by Billie Goat March 23, 2006
one who gives out wonderful chem study guides; not to be confused with heroin
katie is a true heroine
by asdfgh May 24, 2005

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