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58 definitions by Johnny Tats

A man who gets so much pussy that he should have an agency to organize them all.
That dude is such an ass agent it makes me ill.
by Johnny Tats November 08, 2007
the hassle that one goes through when getting gas
I had such a gassle today at Shell.
by Johnny Tats May 31, 2007
when a womans clitoris and it's hood protrude out further than the labia and the lips of the labia close on it like the flaps on a purse ; similar to camel toe but much meatier
I took this hot blonde home last night and when she peeled off her panties the most beautiful meat purse was unleashed.
by Johnny Tats January 31, 2007
the small pieces of shit that are left floating in the toilet after flushing
After eating those tacos I saw more shitbits than ever before.
by Johnny Tats May 27, 2008
when a man puts a woman face down on the bed and eats her ass out for about 10 minutes
Man 1: That girl is so fine, but she is a fucking bitch.

Man 2: She just needs someone to dig it out and she will be fine.
by Johnny Tats May 16, 2008
the shit that awakens one from a sound sleep at 2:30am after eating a large amount of meat before bedtime
Man 1: Why are you so tired today?

Man 2: I got the meat shit from going to Outback!
by Johnny Tats May 23, 2008
the large roll of fat that needs to be lifted up to get to a fat womans pussy
If you want to fuck Stacey you will have to open the garage door.
by Johnny Tats November 15, 2007