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Hilarious faux curse dubbed into TV versions of movies, usually to replace the word "motherfucker".
Most memorably spoken by Mario Van Peebles in "Heartbreak Ridge".
by Jenesis September 12, 2004
Man who attracts (wanted or unwanted) attention from gay males.
"Don't wear those hotpants, people will think you're fruitbait!"
by Jenesis October 01, 2005
1. to sit around and do nothing
2. moron, retard
1. "I'm just gonna go home and veg."
2. "Jeez! Don't put your hand in the garbage disposal, you veg!"
by Jenesis October 01, 2005
1. Man possessed of tiny penis, reportedly the size of a candle's wick.
2. Said tiny penis.
1. "Get out of my way, wick prick!"
2. "When his trousers came off, he had a wick prick! Shameful."
by Jenesis October 01, 2005
Insult to describe a painfully shy person, someone that doesn't show emotion or say anything.
"And he just stood there the whole time and did nothing."
by Jenesis October 01, 2005
Individual showing no emotion. See also solemn state.
"He didn't laugh once at that Andrew Dice Clay CD? Shit, what a solemn gollum."
by Jenesis September 17, 2004
Individual who shows no emotion. Also known as a solemn gollum.
"Look at that solemn state, he's not even laughing at the jokes."
by Jenesis September 17, 2004

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