to relax all day and eat a lot
I'll probly be veggin out all day
by Nicole February 21, 2004
state of being vegetable-like (unmoving and slowly degenerating)
"I vegged on my couch for a few days"
by Arrrrr...bagel... November 03, 2003
To veg is to while away time in front of a computer/phone screen playing games. TV screens are also applicable with this word if one is playing games with the TV.
He veges three hours a day and does no exercise.
He is so good at veging - esp. on CoD.
by Mobot May 19, 2010
a vegtable;
couch potato;
stoned couch potato.
by casey kocknobber June 11, 2003
1. to sit around and do nothing
2. moron, retard
1. "I'm just gonna go home and veg."
2. "Jeez! Don't put your hand in the garbage disposal, you veg!"
by Jenesis October 01, 2005
A shortened form of Vegan or Vegetarian...
Usually used when talking with other Vegans or Vegetarians...
A. I have been veg all my life...

B. Are you veg?
by xacrox May 07, 2006
so severely hung over that one acts like a vegetable
"How's the veg doing?" "I don't know I haven't ate them yet"
by brown door April 27, 2008

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