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im guessing about...maybe 98% of the world population? maybe just america...
by cherrypopscle007 August 15, 2003
The true spelling of one that masturbates.
It's not "masterbater" or "masturbater," it's masturbator. Try spellcheck, pinheads.
by Kevin February 27, 2005
1.) a person who practices masturbation on a regular basis.
2.) One who regularlly excites one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse.
Uncle Fucker, the masturbator from Decatur, masturbates every day when he sees Kelly Ripa on TV.
a master baiter on a fishing boat,
Jon has become a masturbator, he is no longer just the baiters aprentice
by c.w.b.b.w.c. April 28, 2006
a kid who likes to grab his cock while looking at pictures or pornos of women that he will obviously never come close to because he masturbate instead of getting a chick to do it for them.
Jimmy, the math geek, has never had a girlfriend. I hear he spends his lonely nights as a masturbator.
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