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One who twangs, masturbator, jerk-off, wanker.
"Look at that guy there driving a Beetle."
"Heh, what a twanger."
by Jenesis September 12, 2004
98 42
A small instrument made from an egg box, or empty tissue box with elastic bands as used and made by the cast of 'Rainbow'
I used my twanger in orchestra practise last night.
by Cecilia February 12, 2004
78 30
The name give to awesome Aaron Kelly fans. (Aaron Kelly was a contestant on American Idol Season 9)
Aaron Kelly Fan 1: OMG I love Aaron, I'm such a Twanger!
Aaron Kelly Fan 2: OMG same! We are Twangers!
by AaronKellyFan May 10, 2010
39 3
a penis that gets jerked off alot
look at micheal shooting birds.what a twanger
by trae nunn March 05, 2006
38 31
a guitar, especially an electric one.

-can also refer to the player of said guitar.
"man that twanger can play voodoo chile on that twanger, note for note, just like Jimi could!"
by jimmy November 08, 2003
27 21
a TV remote used to change the channel on your television set. Can also refer to a remote for any other electronic device.
I don't like this show, toss me the twanger so I can change it.
by DJ2Kool January 12, 2010
8 6
referring to item- any given guitar
referring to person- one who plays guitar
Zakk Wylde has some crazy twangers
David Gilmour is one fine twanger
by Rob Davis January 18, 2004
19 17