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Excited. Realizing how you feel. Inspector Gadget catch phrase.
wowsers, i am hungry
by Jason August 20, 2003
Short for "Academy of the Holy Cross" A school full of hott Catholic girls who know how to have a good time. Located in Kensington, Maryland.
Brunette/Blonde with side pony tail, polka dot ribbon and vera bradley bag.
by Jason March 09, 2005
Yes, you are right
Do I want to go to the store...Fuckin eh!
by Jason October 15, 2003
The greatest show in the history of telivision.
Turn that war bullshit off, the Simpsons are on.
by jason June 02, 2003
A slang term used in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) to denote submitting your opponent via a flying scissor heel hook. The term was coined after a Japanese fighter from Pride FC named Ryo Chonan used a flying scissor kick to take down Brazilian fighter Anderson Silva and then proceed to submit him with a heel hook at Pride Shockwave 2004. It is widely considered by many to be one of the most innovative and flashy submissions in MMA history.
This new kid in my MMA training class was talking shit about how he had never been submitted before in competition so I chonan'ed his ass to put him in his place. Needless to say, he shut the fuck up after that.
by Jason June 16, 2006
complete shit
man, i gotta drop a big stinky two-party-system
by jason January 18, 2004
A term used most commonly in England or in the past. Used to describe something of a particular liking.
Takin' a fancy to it, eh?
by Jason February 05, 2005

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