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One of the most famed movie murderers, michael myers claimed to have murdered his family, while wearing an unusal clown mask, yet his sister survived, which started this mass killers neverending drive to find her, and kill her, along the way killing much innocent lives, michael has been killed many ways, but relentlessly keeps coming back, neverending evil.
"We meet again, michael" - Halloween : Resurrection
by Jason August 20, 2003
Fine tuned.
I've got that trick/move/run dialed in.
by Jason August 29, 2003
a take-out soup restaurant that serves many varieties of soup, but only soup 2) a temperamental foreigner who owns a soup restaurant, and either refuses to serve a customer or throws him/her out of the restaurant for the slightest little annoyance
You are a soup nazi if in your words of wisdom you ever come across saying "No Soup for You"!
by Jason June 30, 2004
Read The Fuckin' Question
My professor often replied "RTFQ" when students would ask him stupid questions during an exam.
by Jason January 09, 2004
A wonderful group wine, when looking to get tore up with a quickness. Careful who you share this delightful treat with for some may be a lost cause. This drink should be consumed by good friends on a quest to get fucked up.
"Hey Snake, he who brought it got it"
"Circle up, time for the Mad Dizzle, bitches!"
"Don't fire up the boat, we still need to hit up the Deezy"
by Jason February 10, 2005
The big fat asshole in jail who assfucks every guy
Haha, Big Bubba fucked your asshole good... made it bleeeeeeeeeeeed!
by Jason December 27, 2003
A bong made with a water bottle, empty sharpie pin, and a socket.
Dude, that ghetto bong hits hell phat!
by jason March 17, 2004

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