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1) The act of moving from location A to location B

2) A commercial vehicle made by the Ford motor company and sold in the UK. Often used by parcel delivery companies
Sorry mate, your parcel was damaged in (a) Transit
#van #ford #courier #vehicle #delivery #parcel
by chart cat September 18, 2007
A transit is a local transportation serbice. Most of the time the Transit service in your location is a bus, or several busses.
Fort McMurray Transit
by RaHVeN June 07, 2005
If a girl is working for transit that means she is a "team player", meaning she allows numerous guys to have sex with her at once, or "run a train", hence the name transit.
"she ain't got a job, but she works for transit"
#mta #train #running a train #mass transit #hoe #skank #scallywag
by Nick Nice September 19, 2006
1. Transvestite.
2. Transexual.
1. Dude, you're dating a transit.
2. Last week, he was a man, but over the weekend he became a woman with a totally different personality. What a transit!
#transit #transvestite #sex #trans #whore
by French038 December 01, 2005
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