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to be really excited about something. to really want to do something.
My mom was gung ho about getting the house cleaned up because of the guests.
by Jason October 05, 2003
A gat, peice, heat, or any kind of handgun.
You better watch how you step or you'll get this iron to your mind.
by Jason April 13, 2004
See Also: Hypocrisy
Free Rebublic is a particularly disgusting web site which is anything but "Free". The excuse made for the rampant censorship which takes place there regularly is most often that it is a privately owned site and thus not obligated to refrain from erasing any trace of thought that goes against it's own grain. OK. Fine. But don't claim that posts aren't erased and ideas aren't censored, because they are. Try a google search for "Free Republic Censorship", or even just "Free Republic". There are plenty of victims of this Orwellian memory hole out there. I know. I'm one of them.
see: www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1330481/posts

I tried to set the record straight for my friend Phil, and I was censored and banned THREE TIMES withing half an hour.
by Jason February 10, 2005
An abbrieviation, short for Wild Ass Guess.
The origin of this word is likely military, but that is just a WAG.
by Jason January 28, 2005
(noun) Name of the gerbil on South Park that was stuck in Mr. Slave's ass and proceeded on a great adventure to find freedom through the esophogus. Later named the gerbil king.
A gerbil.
by Jason December 06, 2003
A device used to enlarge the penis. Pumping the handle will remove air to create a vacuum in the pump. This will only enlarge your penis temporarily. If used obsesivly it will stretch the skin on the penis but not lengthen it, your skin will sag off of your penis
Some guys like to use penis pumps in the bedroom
by Jason May 07, 2003
shit, crap, dookie, waste from an animal or insect. usually smelling worse than what it started out as. sometimes thrown at oncomming traffic to disrupt slow moving cars.
two gay guys are at a bar, one is sitting on a bar stool, the other comes up and says, " can i push your stool in for you"
by jason March 19, 2004

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